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Ticket Options

We appreciate your interest in our inaugural Tarheel Balloon Festival.  As you can see below, we currently offer admission tickets only.  Balloon flights and tethered rides will be available on this site prior to the event.   The difference between VIP tickets and general admission tickets is the VIP ticket includes onsite parking and covers everyone in the car, general admission is per person.  General admission tickets will park offsite and shuttled in each day.   Evening hours include the Glow Events and vendors are here throughout the day.  Mid-day events include our air show, aircraft exhibits, arts, crafts and food vendors...

November 5th (Friday) hours are 2:00pm - 8:00pm

November 6th (Saturday) hours are 7:00am - 7:00pm 

November 7th (Sunday) 7:00am - Noon

(Note: When you purchase your tickets online you will automatically receive an email from ThunderTix ( is the actual email address) Double check your spam folder on the day you purchased the tickets to find them. 

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