Frequently asked questions

What does a ticket price include?

Ticket prices include admission into the festival grounds where you can see the balloons upclose, talk with the crews and enjoy the vendors village. Tickets are available for single day or for the entire weekend.

What are the options for a balloon ride?

We have several options for balloon rides at our festival. You have the option for tethered flights which go up about 50 - 70 feet or experience the once in a lifetime experience of a full flight. Most of our flights will occur during the mornings and afternoons in cooler weather.

What other festivities are included at the festival?

The festival includes a vendor village with arts and craft vendors as well as a food truck rodeo and entertainment throughout each day.

When will tickets be available?

Our goal is to have all the tickets open for purchase by March 1st, 2021.

The Barn at Lloyd's Dairy

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